Editor’s Letter


We are very proud to announce the re-launch of Evolving Soul  Magazine; it has been quite the growing process. Things have been  very busy behind the scenes in planning what will be the best issues  to come thus far from when we began. I am very happy to introduce  our new creative director and friend, Johnny Restrepo. It is funny  how synchronicity works, especially when you are least expecting it.  Johnny and I have known each other for many years now and I never  once thought to ask him to get involved with the magazine. Then one  day on our hike up to Tripod Rock it seemed as if Spirit had a plan  already in motion. Spirit has been pushing for the re-launch and at the moment it spoke to me clearly enough that I realized he was the one to help that come true. When I spoke to Johnny about it, he loved it and was ready to commit and get things going right away, so we were off and running with ideas in no time. Johnny brings a wealth of knowledge and vision to the magazine and I am really looking forward to working with him and expanding Evolving Soul.

In this Fall issue of 2014 our feature interview is Lisa Williams. Lisa is currently ranked in the top 100 spiritually influential people in the world. Lisa is a beautiful soul, who is not only my mentor/teacher, but she is also a good friend. Lisa is an amazing medium and teacher who has recently opened her own school for spiritual growth, The Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development. If you feel that you have a calling for mediumship or psychic work, then this is a place you should look into, you won’t be disappointed.

I want to personally thank you for picking up this issue. If there is any feedback or comments you would like to make, I encourage you to email us at feedback@evolvingsoulmag.com




Much Love and Light,


Anthony Mrocka